Lunch & Dinner Menu



Garlic Ciabatta $11 V

Add cheese +$3


Sticky XO Beef Brisket Bao  2 for $17

Sriracha, spring onion, pickled carrot and sesame seeds

+$8 per extra piece


Field Mushroom and White Bean Cassoulet $19 VG, DF, GFO

With asparagus, baby carrots, fennel and beetroot crisps


Fried Baby Squid $21

With kalamata olives and almond gremolata salad chimichurri mayo


Sticky Lamb Ribs 3 for $15 DF

Pickled eggplant and pistachio dukkha


Black Lip Mussels $22 DF, GFO

With fregola, chilli and tomato sugo, chorizo and basil, ciabatta 


Pork Croquettes $3 for $15

Braised pork, leek and sage croquettes, apple and ginger compote.

+$4 per extra piece




Spiced Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Salad $24 DFO, GF, VGO

With raisins, red quinoa, cashews, black kale, herb and tahini yoghurt

Add chicken or fried baby squid +$6 


Pan Fried Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi $30 V

Roasted pumpkin, spinach, pepita seeds, parmesan, lemon, burnt butte & sage


Beef Burger $27

Beef patty w lettuce, tomato, bacon, tomato relish, cheddar, pickled red onion, American classic burger sauce, chips 


Chicken Parmigiana $28

Crumbed chicken breast, Napoli, ham, cheese served with chips & salad


Grilled Ocean Trout $34 DFO, GF

With braised fennel, green bean, spiced beetroot puree, walnuts and dill


Beer Battered Rockling $29 DF

Served with chips, salad, tartare & lemon


Juniper Berry Braised Lamb Shoulder $34 DFO, GF

Smoky eggplant purée, grilled broccolini and hung garlic yoghurt with Za’atar


King Prawn Pappardelle $35 DFO

Asparagus, chili, fennel, black Russian tomato, parmesan


Crispy Skin Chicken Breast $33 DFO, GF

With leek cream, Brussel sprouts, baby carrots, caper and herb sauce


Char Grilled Porterhouse $41 DF

Red wine jus, slaw and chips




Chips with Tomato Relish $12


Sweet Potato Chips with Aioli $12


Chips with Crumbled Fetta & Oregano $14


Charred Broccolini $12 GF, DF, VG

Chili, garlic, toasted seeds and lemon


Heirloom Tomatos & Buffalo Mozarella Salad $14 GF, DFO

With extra virging olive oil, sea salt and basil




Available for 12 or under, for 12+ we apply $5 surcharge


Cheeseburger $15 DFO

Meat patty & cheese on a seeded bun, served w chips


Pasta Napoli $12 V, DFO

Penne w tomato sauce & cheese


Little Parmi $15 

Crumbed chicken, tomato, ham & cheese, served w chips


Little Fish & Chips  $12 DF

With lemon & tartare sauce


Grilled Chicken $15 GFO, DF

Served w chips & salad